Less is More Cocktail-Rezept

Less is More

Reserva Exclusiva


Would you like to impress your guests with an easily prepared elegant cocktail?

We suggest trying this recipe with Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, soda and an orange peel.


The result is a simplified version of the classic and exquisite Old Fashioned.



Die Zutaten

60 ml Reserva Exclusiva
1 soda splash
1 orange zest
1 ice sphere

Das Glas

Rock glass

Das Eis

Serve straight up

Die Methode

Add an ice sphere to glass, add the rum and soda to taste, stir gently with bar spoon and top off with orange peel.

Die Garnierung

Orange peel.

Pro tip: Squeeze the orange peel on top of the glass and brush the rim for more zest.

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